At Coach Tokyo we value positivity, proactivity and supportive communication, so we want to be surrounded by people who are optimistic, energised and cooperative. And where people don't feel this way - where they feel just the opposite: despondent, deadened, defensive - we want to help them get past that and to feel better. You don't have to feel bad to want to feel better. Feeling merely okay is certainly a relief if you were previously suffering. But, though it may be hard to believe at times, we all have the potential to do better than burning on a low flame, avoiding aspiration either in order to steer clear of disappointment or because we believe it's not realistic to feel happy and fulfilled in our work and our lives. And in these times of huge social, political and environmental challenges we need people to have the confidence to thirst for something better. We want you to feel better as an end in itself, but also because it will increase the chances that we can all have a bright future. 'To feel better' has another meaning. It means to be more in touch with your feelings. Our emotions are a rich source of information adapted over the course of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution with the express purpose of helping us survive and thrive. Thoughts are vitally important, but you cannot think your way to durable fulfillment and happiness. You have to engage other faculties than your intellect. If you want to feel better, and make it stick, you need to be more aware, more attuned, more connected, more creative. Only you can do this. What we have are the skills, experience, desire and belief to help you.