"After a session with Rob I always feel like I can conquer the world."

"I was super anxious about giving an important presentation and Rob was very encouraging and supportive throughout our sessions. He gave me lots of examples from his own experiences and also provided me with honest and helpful feedback. The presentation was a great success. Thank you Rob! "
Daisy, Licensed Counsellor - March 2018

There are so many things I want to do but I’m sometimes confused which I should start first. Rob’s sessions helped me greatly to visualize and prioritize my thoughts and my goals. He taught me some simple hints to put ideas into action by myself. It was amazing to find that you could do something you’ve been wanting to do but thought you couldn’t. Now I feel I’m more confident than before in making things happen. Thank you Rob! Machiko, Tokyo - January 2017

Rob’s coaching has been tremendously helpful and efficient in helping me set up and start my own business. By asking me the hard questions about what really mattered, and holding me accountable, he really supported me in moving forward and getting into action. Throughout all my sessions, his listening and reflective skills, as well as his insights, brought me a greater sense of clarity and enabled me to deal with my doubts, get out of my comfort zone, think out of the box and stretch my goals.
Benedicte, Coach & Consultant, Tokyo - February, 2016

I started the coaching sessions with Rob just after completing an MBA in Tokyo in August 2014. At that time I was juggling too many balls at the same time: the transition from full-time student to unemployed status, trying to start a new career in Tokyo, and also some personal issues. Rob was instrumental in creating some method in dealing with all of this madness, in helping me to set clear personal goals and giving actionable feedback every step of the way. Although I have now reached my goal of finding permanent employment at a big consulting company, I will continue the regular sessions with Rob to keep my career and life path clutter-free. And also, simply because after a session with Rob I always feel like I can conquer the world. He's a great motivator!
Saskia Rock, Senior Associate Global Talent Development Division at a Big Four Audit Firm - April, 2015

What I have found particularly helpful in my coaching sessions with Rob is that he keeps track of the keywords I use and ideas I express to remind me of them later. He helps me to stay focused on what the discussion point is when I start drifting, gives me an objective opinion which helps me to be kinder to myself and helps me break things down into small and manageable steps. Els M., Investor Relations Officer, Tokyo – March, 2015

Rob has been a fantastic support and mirror on my journey through a job transition. He is an exceptional listener who synthesizes my comments and stories with care, and provides eye- opening lines of inquiry and homework assignments. Rob helps me identify my options and come to my own conclusions. He helps me explore challenging issues at my own pace: there is a sense that he is observing me as a growing plant... No need to rush all the buds at once; just see which one is opening right now, and let nature take its course.
P. Mitchell, Tokyo - June, 2014

Rob Russell is an excellent Life Coach whom I strongly and unreservedly recommend after my coaching sessions with him. I found Rob’s services very worthwhile as they brought about better outcomes in various areas of my life through changing tired, old patterns I identified and made the choice to get rid of. Rob sensitively worked with me in creative and challenging ways to motivate me to discover and implement important and tangible changes to my personal and professional life. Rob steadfastly did so despite the need for me to sometimes be pushed well outside my comfort zone. Rob’s warm and caring personality and diverse life experiences, including cross-cultural issues and many other of life’s abundant challenges, empower him as a Life Coach and he easily created a safe, trust-worthy and very productive working relationship.
Sandra, Tokyo - May, 2014

Rob has been truly instrumental in helping me think through my career, goals and aspirations. His skillful coaching enabled me to step back from the distractions and concerns of day to day work and gain a valuable perspective. I can now see the difference between decisions I have been making based on my own fears and shortcomings, and those that can be based on a more positive, self empowering notion of “being the best I can”. Rob has an amazing ability to really put his finger on what matters and to do it in a way that encourages me to think positively about options. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to gain clarity in their thinking, who is going through a career transition or who wants to enhance their effectiveness at work. It is amazing how quickly connections can be made between work and private lives and how, by taking action, real change and progress can take place. Thanks Rob!
Dr. Adam Kassab, Globis University, Tokyo - 2014