What do people mean when they say 'just be yourself'? What should you do if being yourself isn't making you happy or isn't getting you what you need and want? Self-confidence as a Second Language is a book about developing the confidence to wear your heart on your sleeve, to know and like yourself and to be able to state who you are and what you can do with real pride and strength of conviction. It is a book for anyone who has ever doubted him or herself and still suffers from self-doubt, at least occasionally. By means of moving personal stories, lucid explanations of key psychological principles and easy to grasp and apply techniques it shows the reader how to get and retain the upper hand over doubt and negativity. The book is packed with insights into the nature of emotions such as fear, anger and sadness - and their handmaidens - obsession, compulsive habits, hostility and depression. Throughout the book there is a clear and consistent message: where suffering exists, hope, healing and redemption are never far away, if you know where to look and how to enlist their help. Self-confidence, well-being and fulfillment are the birthright of anyone who is prepared to take a little time and expend a little effort learning their language.